Pass data between RG's on different pages with different data types?

Hi all,
Pretty new to bubble and looking for some help.

I have 2 separate pages (issues and hazards) that display 2 different datatypes. My Hazards table has a field identifying its parent Issue (Control Reference). I would like to be able to click on a row in the RG on my issues page and load hazards that have a matching control reference on my hazards page.

I seem to be tying myself up in knots as the data types are different. I have been able to achieve passing data between repeating groups of 2 different data types on the same page but I can’t seem to manage it between pages.

I have tried sending the control reference from the issues page via the querystring and I thought it would be as easy as searching for hazards with a matching control reference but I can’t get this to work.

Any help appreciated.



One way to accomplish this to set your page type to an “Issue” on your hazards page. Then you can pass the type in the link and reference it in the Do a search field. Example below:

Set the page content type:

Use a link to pass the Data to send (the current issue in your case)

Restrict your (Hazard) RG data source to the Current Page (Issue in your case):

Link to editor: Double-trouble-bubble | Bubble Editor

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Thankyou so much - this worked brilliantly!!

I did manage to get it working another way by basically using Display List in Repeating Group (on page load) and searching for hazards where the issue log ref equals the current page issue log and sending in the current cells issue log from the previous page.

Your solution though is way neater!!