Use data from popup

Hi there,

I’m able to send data to a popup, but is it also available the opposite direction?

I have made a search field with the “search and autocorrect” plugin connected to a repeating group in a popup.
When clicked on one of the items from the repeating group inside the popup, I want to use data from that item on my page when the popup is hidden again.

is that possible?

thanks for your help!


I’m able to set the initial data of the input field on my page to get data from the repeating group out of the popup, but it is starting with the chosen value, but also presents all other values that are in the database for that field (grower names). (Name1, Name2, Name3…)

I only want the name of the chosen name.

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards form Holland!


Have a group inside your RG. When that group is clicked, choose to display current cells data to the popup. Then, you can refer to the popup. Make sure that the popups data type is the same as the RGs.

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Thanks Jaos.pcl !
It works!