How to pass information from one page to another?


I’ve developed a form using Bubble in which the user adds details about the property they wish to list. I’ve set up Bubble’s database in the background and this page works well. What I’m trying to accomplish is that when a user adds a property, they’re redirected to a page (like a property profile page) that shows information they just filled out about the property that they just submitted and what it would look like to viewers. This “Property profile” page is intended to be a template with just the details being dynamically updated with each lister’s property’s details. I’ve looked around and believe I need to do something that ‘passes a variable’ from the “add property” page to the “property profile” page — but I could use some help on accomplishing this. Basically, each user who fills out the “add property” page should be redirected to a standard “property profile” page that is dynamically generated based on the information submitted. How do I go about this?

Any link, reference, video welcome.


Hi Sean,

Check out this video I made. Should be simple from there.

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Thanks so much, TipLister. Just what I was looking for.

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