Displaying information from another page

Hello, i currently have 2 pages, 1st one for log in/sign up and 2nd one for the actual website. I am trying to display the information that was filled out in the 1st page on the 2nd one.

What i am trying to say is, when user fills out the needed information in the 1st page when signing up and logs in (when user logs in, he is sent to another website), i want the 2nd page to display the “Full Name” and “Badge Number”, and i am unsure how to do it. I tried googling my question and searching for any tutorials, but without success. Any help will be appreciated.

EDIT: As you can see in this screenshot i’ve added a location where i would want the ‘Full Name’ and ‘Badge Number’ to be located at. (e.g. Welcome, Chris S., 1A-2)


Option 1) Current user “name/nick/handle”
Option 2) Current page user name (Dont forget to add navigate (page) and “Send data to e.g page2”)

Or in the workflow, send paramters.

Hello, thanks for the quick answer. Could you please elaborate your solution? I am quite new to Bubble.is and i am not similar with these things. @danielolssontrbg87


I would suggest:

there are some guides you can check out, quite handy.

Other then that.

Whenever you sign a user up/in, and you want that user to see his/her information, e.g name, badge nr.
You can use "Current User`s “name”, and that is what the user sees,

Alright, thank you, will try.

Hello, i tried looking at Bubble Documentation page, but still am unsure on how to do it. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.