Passing data to another page

Good evening everyone, I apologize in advance if this question will be trivial, but I have been using bubble for just 2 days. In practice I am in this situation, I created a test app where I can add job positions, to show all the positions I used the repeating group. Now I would like that when I click on an available position, I am taken to another page that contains the data of that position. In practice I should go to this page for example the id of that position, only that I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance.

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If you select Data type into the Position details page, Bubble will ask you to fill the data to send when navigating to this page. Use current cell position.

I set my index in this way and actually I can pass it to the url. My problem is that I don’t understand what I have to set on the page to print for example the title, the organization, of that particular position.

You don’t need to pass data as url parameter but in Data to send, just use current cell position (not index)
And in the position detail page parameter set the data type to position.

Cannot provide Screenshot right now but if I have achance later I will.


thx very much I’ve done it

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