Transferring Information

Hello, through my journey of Bubble, I can only get to a certain point before I can go no further, and have to resort to help. What I am trying to get at is transferring data/information that a use puts in, and transferring it to a different page?

Example: When I use clicks a button, it sends some sort of signal to if someone is on a different page. If I was on, lets say, a homepage for a website. And my friend decided he wanted to click a button, and when you click that button, I would see text pop-up on a home page. Same with if you enter text to an input line, it would submit that to a different page.

Thanks in advanced

You have to write any changes to the database, and it will be reflected to other pages. If you use URL of the page, you can send any info inside that URL to the other page. Hope it help.

Alright thanks, I will try it out!