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Show an object for a few seconds, then hide

Hi, what’s the best way to handle this scenario?

Step 1. User fill in form, click “save”
Step 2. A success message shows on the page
Step 3. That message disappears after a few seconds

*this object could be a text box, a popup, an image… etc., anything
*while the object does its showing/disappearing, the user should still be able to do other things on the page


See “Alert” in the bubble user manual. Highly encourage you to go through the various onboarding tutorials and youtube videos available for learning Bubble. When I first started I literally just spent a weekend working through all of Gabby Roman’s videos and have to say it was an excellent introduction to all things Bubble. Best!

While the Alert object can be useful, you might want more complex objects. You can use a pause action in a workflow (Add a pause before next action). First show the object, such as a popup, then pause for a few seconds, then hide.


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