How to populate db with content for new users? Correct db structure?

I’m building a SaaS (multi-tenant) and I’m unsure how to do this. Can someone please help me wrap my head around how to properly ship it to customers regarding this aspect?

Not sure if I’m able to properly explain it. But I hope you guys get the idea:
Right now the way I’m structuring my db is basically tying a ‘project’ to the User, so I’m doing a lot of “Current User’s Project…” so, each logged user will only have access/view their own content.

So, my first question would be: Am structuring my db correctly? I didn’t mess up with the Data Privacy tab. Should I?

Now, let’s say a new user signs up and he will have a ‘blank’ app. But I’d like them to already have a (sample) project in account. How do I do that?


Your DB structure is done correctly. Associating the project to the User is ideal. For Data privacy, I’d suggest adding a role for when “Current User’s project is This Project”. For the everyone else, I’d leave it unchecked. That way, only a user that owns that project can see the data.

In terms of a blank project, just create one for them when they sign up and assign it to them.

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Thanks for the reply @Nocodify

Regarding the blank project, how do I automate this creation? Because the user will also need to have other stuff pre populated. For example:

A project will have a location. And each location will have a locationType (with fields like: name, type)
I need a new user to already have plenty of locationTypes already created in his account so they will have already some available options.

Appreciate the help!

Seems like locationType needs to be a separate data type (if you’re including fields like name type etc.).

So you’d need to go ahead and create them in the workflow, and associate them to the project.

In terms of automate, basically when the User signs up for your app you go ahead and create the project and locationTypes… so at first access the also have them all created.

Thanks @Nocodify . I get it now :slight_smile:

Can you help me understand the setup of the workflow event please? I imagine I’d use a Do When, but I’m unsure about the correct constraints for it to run once on signup.