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I finally figured out how to save data. Currently, on my main page I have users input data, either input boxes to input numbers or drop down boxes to select numbers. I figured out how to save that data and then to display the last item chosen as the initial content for these input boxes. That way if the page is refreshed or left the user would still have what they were working on. I would like to add a button that when pressed would reset the input boxes back to 0, or an initial placeholder, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there, @sylteem… when you say you want to reset the input boxes, I assume you mean you want to reset (empty out) the user’s fields that are being used as the initial content for the inputs, right? If that is the case (which it pretty much has to be), you would run a workflow when the reset button is clicked, and the workflow would make changes to the current user. The changes to make would be to blank out the user’s fields that correspond to the inputs. With the fields now empty, the inputs will appear to reset because there is no initial content to show. You could also have a condition on the inputs that says when the user’s corresponding field is empty, show the placeholder.

Hope this helps.


Did you finally figure out how to RTFM? Congrats. :tada:


Is it @keith or ChatGPT?!? There’s no way to know!


I have a webhook to GPT3 that reads new forum entries, summarizes the posts and alerts me when someone needs roasting. But I write all the posts myself.


Gptchat is kinder. You can always tell.


Thanks for the reply, do you have instruction on how I would blank out the field’s?

If you figured out how to save data, then “blanking out” a field is just saving data to a field but leaving the expression/value on the right side of the equals sign empty… so, you are setting the field to nothing.

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