How to properly handle video storage

Hey everyone !

I’m currently building a Website to sell my online course. My course is composed of several videos.

I’m displaying thumbnails in a repeating group, and when those thumbnails are clicked, it updates the video displayed in the main player via a custom state. Nothing too complicated here.

My main issue it that I’ve been trying to upload those videos as files in my Database, but could not since the files are too heavy.

I thought of uploading them on youtube, to get the links via an API, but for privacy reasons I would like to avoid that (I don’t want people to share the link to my videos to other people).

Do you have any idea on how I could manage that ? Is there a Bubble plan that would allow me to upload larger files in my DB ?

Or maybe there is a way to avoid people having access my YT video’s link ?

Thanks in advance !!

Salut Thomas!

From a solution architecture perspective I will be bold : streaming videos requires a specialized infrastructure, which would be alike to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…

Any other poor-man’s solution will lead you to degraded user experience or high costs for storing and/or delivering.

Hmmm okay I see !

So it seems the best way would be to host my vids on youtube !

Thanks for you response !

Bonne soirée :grin:


If you store files in YouTube you can explore delivering to end-users through @pork1977gm ’s VideoJS player plugin, it’s brilliant. Tons of documentation. Luck!

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You can use a service like and upload your videos directly on their platform. They ll take of the technicalities of streaming video.
You can then use a plugin to integrate into your app: File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode - #216 by ryan8

Hi @ThomasC2A,

you might want to try


Hi @ThomasC2A

Did you find a solution to protect the link ? Because I do not want anyone sharing our video uploaded on Youtube. The users can only watch the video if they are logged in the app

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Haven’t found it yet !

Someone advised me to check out Vimeo, so I’m gonna take a look at it !

The other solution I had in mind was to purchase extra storage space directly within Bubble, but I think it is quite expensive.

Depends if you have a lot of videos or not.

Feel free to share with me if you find a solution in the meantime :grin:

If despite the advices above you want to go that way, feel free to check tou the plugins to use an external storage to Bubble to reduce storage costs.

On top of my mind Wasabi (the cheapest online storage), Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3 or perhaps Cloudinary.

The first 3 are able to generate expiring links, that will be valid for a specified file and time.

There’s a lot more to processing and delivering video content than just storage…

So, unless you don’t care about device compatibility, and efficient streaming, regardless of connection speed, storage alone is only one aspect of the services you’ll need when dealing with video…

Whilst it’s possible to set up those services yourself (with things like AWS), in my opinion it’s much simpler to use a dedicated service, that does it all for you… and Vimeo is the service I would personally recommend, based on price, bandwidth, storage, and more…


Hmmm yeah I understand !

I’m gonna take a look at Vimeo then :thinking: