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Why Do I Keep Getting This Error?!?

I’m trying to connect via the API Connector to the highlighted ‘From’ field and auto-populate Airport Codes from the API.

I think everything is connected fine at the connector level but I keep getting the attached error and I think it’s a simple fix I just don’t know where to look! I’ve gotten similar errors before and it trips me up completely.

What is the error all about? And is this the best way to auto-populate the input field as the user is typing the name of a city/airport? This is a flight booking application for a flight school…

It’s a type incompatibility. What is the type of the search that defines the list of choices? The default value should be of that type, and right now it isn’t.

The issue seems to step from accessing an external list of items vs. an internal database. I’ve read the forum well but nothing really speaks of using an API connection for an auto populator drop down…

I’m trying to configure the ‘To and From’ fields to Autocomplete using the configured Airport code API Connector and provide the Airport Code as a drop down selection to the user who can then select the airport code which they want to fly in to or depart from…

User should be able to type either CITY name and get an airport code for that city OR user should be able to begin typing the airport code and be able to select that airport code.

Here is the application page relating to this:

We don’t support connecting the search box to an external API (yet).

What are my options?

Downloaded and imported database only?

Nothing dynamic can be called?

It can be with a repeating group. it’s only the search box that doesn’t let you do this.

I’m going through the lesson for adding in the Giphy image by search term but when I am configuring mine I have no box for ‘term to search’ like the screenshot below so there is no way for me to correllate a field with the api call…?

Image below:

Well it depends on the API. If you’re using te API connector you need to define a parameter.

I see parameter in the Ali connector settings but this is the first time I’ve ever connected to an api.

What do I put as a parameter key and value? The description in the documentation for these are very vague with no example.

How are we supposed to correlate a Field/input with an API call where a variable must be added to the api url string?