How to continue to a page after user logged in?


How could I:

  1. let a visitor browse any page,

  2. when the visitor clicks on order (via a button on a RepeatingGroup)

  3. the signup / login popup shows up

  4. after successful login / signup

  5. redirect her to the page she wanted to browse
    (I currently use the “data to send”)

I looked at @vincent56’s answer here: How to initiate a workflow on a new page based on where the page was loaded from (previous page)? - #2 by vincent56 . I thought I could mimic that - sending a parameter like “nextpage=/whateverThePageWas”, but it got myself twisted up in a pretzel. Besides, I didn’t even know how to send a parameter to a pop-up (that resides in the header).

I figured (hope?) that there is an elegant and simple solution. Any ideas?

What do you mean “page she wanted to browse”. This seems very simple so maybe I’m not understanding exactly what you want to accomplish.

Hmmm… what I feared / hoped. I am likely overcomplicating things and missing the obvious answer.

For instance, if the visitor is on this page:

If she clicks on one of the buttons in the repeating group, she should get asked to login / signup before proceeding to the order page.

So the order page is 1 page that has a data type of “order” let’s say. Is that correct?

The order page actually has data type “fiberhood”. The fiberhood determines the address and products available to order.

I’m curious.

Ok, then what’s wrong with your current setup? Sounds perfect to me.

I get it to display the popup, she signs up, it doesn’t show the order page.

Then your problem is that you aren’t using the “display data” action when the user clicks on the order button.

If you can’t for some reason, display data in that particular popup, you can always create a state for the page called “order”. When a user clicks an order, you can use the “set a state” action. When the user is done signing up, they will be sent to the page with the data from the order state.