How to refund a charge with Stripe plugin

I want to create an auctions website but I’m having some issues.
The system would work like this:

  • A user bids $100 for a product
  • Is charged by stripe
  • Comes another user and bids $120
  • Is charged by stripe
  • Return the charged money to the first user

The problem is:
I can’t see any action to return the charged money to the user

The standard Bubble Stripe plugin doesn’t have a refund action, so you’d have to use an API call or a different plugin to refund charges.

But I’m not sure why you’d want to charge someone for something and then charge someone else for the same thing, just to refund the first payment? For an auction site surely you’d only want to charge the winning bidder.

I can’t let people bid something they can’t afford

So you’re charging them at every bid to confirm they have the funds?

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