Question regarding Stripe refunds

Hi, community! I have a question regarding refunds on Stripe. I am creating a platform where stripe standard connected accounts can sell their services. Now I am trying to understand better the concept of refunds.
Let say a customer wasn’t happy with the service and he/she asked for refund. So, basically, my only option is to communicate to the seller and ask to initiate a refund? How could I possibly verify that the refund was initialized? Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Thanks Rodrigo!

Hey, Rodrigo! I have one more question for you! How do I capture Applications Fee ID after the charge event was successful on the workflow? (I can get charge id, but not Fee ID) :thinking: Thanks!

It depends of the plugin you are using, if it has a GET call to retrieve the Fee ID you’re good to go, if the plugin doesn’t have it, you can always create your own API connection just to get it and use it in the workflow:

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