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Hello everyone,
Has anyone ever used the “Create a Refund” action in the Stripe plugin? I can’t find any information on this in the Bubble documentation. This action requires a “Charge ID”. In my application, which is a marketplace with commission fees, and where I neither capture nor store credit card information, how does the refund process work when a refund is initiated? Does Stripe automatically handle the refund process? Thanks in advance.

Yep… that’s all there is to it.

thanks @adamhholmes for your feedback, so, do you means by using only this workflow the money will be refund automatically ?

Are you putting the Charge ID of the payment you’d like to refund?
Its true that you don’t store credit card information, but it is very important to store Stripe tokens for later reference/use.

But yes, Stripe deals with all the rest.

Ouch, the answer I was waiting for thanks @nico.dicagno for your feedback, so indeed I start to capture the charge_id for the orders, so if I understand well, Stripe will take the money from my account (to give back the fee amount) and then take the rest from the vendor stripe account ? if so, it will be great :grinning:

I have not used the Stripe plugin, i prefer to use custom API calls. Stripe documentation is great and their support is very good too. And when it comes to payments, i believe its best to be as hands on as possible instead of delegating.
I say this because I am not aware of the workings of the plugin.

I imagine you are are using Stripe Connect, and your vendors have a connected account.
How do your vendors get their funds? Are charges sent directly to the vendors, or are the charges directed to your own account and then you initiate a transfer to the vendors at a later date?

I ask this question because ‘refunds’ are fully debited to your account. If payments are going to vendor accounts, and you dont reverse their transfer, your account will go negative and your vendors will keep the money.

Use the test environment to figure out what is going on.
Capture the chargeID, refund it, and check whether your account goes very negative. (Sadly with refunds your account will always go negative because Stripe fees are not refunded, so its a net negative transaction)
The plugin might be reversing the transfer to your vendors behind the scenes, but it might not.

Hey there - we have some short and sweet documentation right here:

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