How to remove marketing content from search engines

Does anyone know how to remove this stock verbiage that comes up with I search my domain using the site: command. I have looked through the Bubble setting under “General” and “SEO”. I have also waited about 3 days thinking this might be a timing issue with spiders needing to crawl my site.



Hey @jameshhenry,

Have you checked your pages to ensure that they aren’t using Bubble’s default SEO?

That is your page meta-description - it can be edited in the app settings under SEO/Metatags, but you may also have page-specific meta-descriptions for each individual page, which can be edited on the page property editor, and will override the global one set on the SEO tab of the app settings.

Bear in mind that they are different, of course, for dev and live versions, so if you change them in your dev version they won’t appear on your live site until you deploy those changes to live.

You can check the source code of your live site to confirm what meta-description is on the page. If the correct one is on the page then you’ll just have to wait until Google indexes the updated data. If not then you need to change it in the Bubble editor and deploy the changes to live.

Google may take a few days or a few weeks to update their index, depending on how accessible your pages are, so make sure your sitemaps are up to date, your robots.txt is setup correctly (if you’re using one), and maybe request a recrawl of your site from Google in your search console if you have it set up.

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Ok thanks. I checked and everything seems good on production. I guess it’s a waiting game.


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