How to remove spaces between a "each item"

I’m passing a list as a parameter to my API, like ‘’. The problem is that Bubble passes it like this: ‘param1, param2, param3, param4’. The spaces between the parameters are breaking my API. How can I solve this? I’ve already tried the ‘find and replace’ and ‘split by’ options, but neither of them worked.

How do you need this list to be written?

How about showing some code and settings to understand what you are doing :upside_down_face:
If you are not talking about lists handled with code in a plugin, but a list in an api request or similar maybe you want to try “formatted as text” on the list.

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Sure, I can explain a bit more. I’ve already solved the problem, but I don’t think it’s the best solution. My API call receives a parameter like The parameter consists of multiple addresses, separated by commas (,), like address1,address2,address3, and so on.

Each user can configure a list of addresses to search, and I save that in my database as a list. So, when I want to call the API, I use a search for .... and list each item.

The problem is that the list becomes like this: address1, address2, address3.... After the comma, a space is added, which breaks the API.

The solution I found is to create two fields in the database: one to display as a list, and another that concatenates the previously saved address with the new one.

Here’s how it works: If it’s the first address saved, it will create a list with the address, and another field with the address too (like a text). If it’s not the first, it will add the new address to the list, and the other field will concatenate a comma (,) with the new address. So, in the database, there will be the normal list and a text field with a value like this: address1,address2. Is there an easier solution?

List:format as text where delimiter is , …

Or after the list put:joined with ","


Thanks, worked for me!