Remove comma from a list of things

I’m trying to send a list of thing through an api call but as a default, a list of things puts a comma, at the end of each thing.

does anyone know if there is a way to remove that comma so that my formatting is correct!


Im not sure if this will definitely work for what you are looking to do, but one option would be to use the “join with” method at the end of the search for a list and you can just add a space in there as the type of character to join each item in the list with.


was trying to do something similar and the “join with” does the trick! thanks @ryanellman

What is it you are trying to do ?

Do you want a text field as a list ?

So “Apple Pear Clementine” (rather than Apple,Pear,Clementine)

Or do you actually want a proper JSON list ?

[ “Apple”, “Pear”, “Clementine” ]

@eric3 glad that helped!

In accord with Nigel’s question, I have some experience with that also. You can get pretty creative using join with depending on the format your data needs to have. For instance, to achieve something similar to what Nigel described:

I have done the following:

Notice the opening and closing quotes surrounding the entire search expression and the join with characters: ", " (quotation-comma-space-quotation)

This will give you an array of texts delineated with a comma regardless of the format returned by the search query.

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