How-to: repeating group constraint - user has confirmed email address

Hi guys,

I’m displaying user information inside a repeating group, but I only want users who have confirmed their email (which I’ve setup during registration) to be displayed inside the repeating group. I’m using the ‘Search for users’ data source along with a couple of other constraints, but can’t figure out to add a constraint for users who have confirmed their email. Is there such a thing?


You’ll need to use the :filtered modifier to get to the “Email Confirmed” field for the user.

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Thank you!

Clicking on the ‘confirm’ link sent in the email by Bubble is not triggering email confirmed = “yes

This also means that there is nothing loading in my RG as I have the email confirmed filter added. Is there a step that I’m missing?

Edit: When I set the filter as ‘email confirmed = “no”’, the RG shows the relevant profiles.

Seems like someone has mentioned this issue previously (with no solution provided): Signup email confirmation link not setting "email confirmed" to "yes"

@emmanuel - could you weigh in here, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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