How to reset search box on command

How do I reset a Search box on command, Say I close the popup it should reset the search box and all inputs associated with that search box but I can’t figure out how to reset the search box on command

I played around with this for a second.

I found it tough to figure out too but I managed to do it using custom states for each text box. This may not be the most efficient way but it’s the only one I’ve gotten to work so far.]


  1. Create a state for each text input (I put them all in the popup group to keep it a bit cleaner.)

  2. Make a workflow where when the popup is closed set each of the states with their corresponding input. Then add the reset relevant inputs workflow.

  3. You can keep the custom states as they are or clear them.

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Okay I will test that out, I’m not to familiar with custom states every time I used one it never worked, so I will play around with it and let you know if I figure it out

That worked perfectly not the fastest way to do it but worked like a charm

I’m still fairly new so forgive me if I’m mistaken:

It took me a while to figure out resetting inputs because it wasn’t immediately obvious, but if you “reset data” for a group - in this case a popup - in the workflows it will reset all inputs within it. I was misled for a long time by the “reset relevant inputs” option.


Hmm I will test that out also If that’s the case I too have be misled by Reset Relevant Input for about a year or so

the answer:
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