How To Reset Air Date Picker (Clear Dates) Inside of a Repeating Group?

Is there a trick or a workaround to resetting the Air Date/time picker by @seanhoots when it’s inside of a repeating group and clear all of the selected dates?

Hey @JustinC

Does the element action “Reset a Air Date/Time Picker” not work?

Yeah i found it, thanks!

That actually does not work.

I tried to ‘reset’ the Air Date picker inside of the repeating group when the repeating group became visible again but you can’t reference the Air Date / Time picker inside of it:


Any other ideas from anyone?

Try the Antena Plugin from @vini_brito

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Hi! Thanks for the recommendation (:
In time, the plugin is actually named Orchestra.

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Hi @JustinC

Did you manage to resolve this, i’m having the same issue?



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