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Manually refresh data group?

Having an issue with a repeating group not refreshing consistently. Weirdly, it seemed to work fine when I first made it but now after forgetting about it for a week or so and doing some work with states on the “additional notes” box to make that input work with the server-side PDF converter, it no longer works properly.

Basically, it’s just a repeating list that shows the data from the time range between the two “air datepicker” elements. The point of this thing is that the user selects the range, enters their notes and it uses the PDF converter plugin to turn the element into an email which is used as a report after users drop samples at a laboratory.

What’s happening now is that the repeating group doesn’t refresh live after changing the date. The exception is that for some reason if I click “today” in the end date range it makes the group refresh properly ONCE.

I can’t even consistently make it refresh by adding a workflow to “reset this group” when you click a button, however it does refresh if I add a condition that just sets the data source to be the same thing as the default which is what I am doing for now but it’s a weird solution.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your post! What I may suggest here is filling out our bug report form, which will be sent to our support team for further investigation. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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