How to reset option set value in filters

I’m created filter with option sets and when I click dropdown values, It’s filter my data but
how to I reset this option set data to normal when I click on reset filter text.

I tried workflow to reset group but it does not works , Please share your solutions,


If I understood your problem, you are trying to filter out a RG depending on what is displayed in a particular dropdown or input. And now when you want the values to reset when filtering is over.

The issue now is that you can’t reset the value to nought with the workflow « reset group ».

Well, if that’s the case I will first of all ask you if your inputs are in groups ?

You won’t be able to reset it if they’re not in groups.

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Yes, I used focus group for dropdown and inside focus group , I added repeating group for filtering values

Is your RG in the same group as your inputs ?

Sorry I’m far from my computer now but I try to figure it out :grin:

RG Optionset

There is no inputs :slightly_smiling_face:, I used options sets in RG for filters like (home, shop…) when I click each of it, This works well but how I can reset the selected option set value,

When you start/edit the workflow for the reset filters icon, does the name of your group appear in the list?

That is : when icon reset filters is click, reset data > the group containing inputs

You are trying to reset the dropdown input right ?

What group is that dropdown in?


Yes, I selected the group of RG but it not works, I’m try to reset selected RG’s Option set value

How do you want to reset a RG? :grin:

My problem is to know what you are trying to do. What is the role of the dropdown ?

The RG is just out to display the list of options.

Tell me, how do set an option to be selected?

You need to use Clear list on your RG of filter options.


I tried clear list as well, but It not works

The role of dropdown is to filter the pages like if selected home, It will filter home page and list all the home page, my problem is how user can reset this selected home value because if user select home he/she I can’t see other pages like “contact,shop,…” so I need to reset the already selected value to see all values, you understand what I’m looking for ? I’m ready to share more details.

Let me understand, your RG has a Custom State (CS) that receives the value of an Option sets selected in a dropdown.

When nothing is selected in the dropdown, the RG displays all items, but with each new selection the CS value is updated and automatically filters the list returned in the RG.

Now you want the user to be able to clear the filter, returning the whole list and for that you need to reset the CS, correct?

If that’s the case, you should create a WF so that:

When the “Reset Filter” is clicked > Element Actions > Set State > RG’ Custom State Filter > ""

But if you are not using the “Ignore empty constraints” option and you are only performing a search in the RG with the filter defined, when you reset the CS, the RG may search for the empty value “”. If that’s the case, you’ll need to create a conditional.

That way, you can let the RG perform the search for all unfiltered items in the standard and in conditional search, create something like:

When RG’s Custom State Filter is not empty, perform the search with the proper constraint where the “x field” is equal to the RG’s Custom State Filter.

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Thanks @Newed

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