Rest text dropdown

I have a text dropdown of option values. It is used to filter a Repeating Group (RG).
I would like to add an icon that removes the current displayed value from this dropdown so that there is no filtering of the RG. How do I do that?

I tried “Element actions/ Reset Data” and “Element actions/Reset Input”. Neither works.
I have same issue with a multi select drop down which I also want to zero-out.
May I get some ideas on how to do this?

Add a custom state to the page (or a group) called UseFilter as a Yes/No and create a default value of “Yes”. Then in your RG have a conditional on the Data Source with logic that says if UseFilter is “No”, set the Data Source to the default source. Otherwise let your RG default to your filtered data source.

The icon will set the state UseFilter to “No”.

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