Need help with search box Input auto resetting

Hello, so I have a search Box where you enter the account name and you can select it, but when I select the account name the input automatically resets, I tried to use a Drop down instead, but that also keeps resetting itself. Please assist.

Usually people have the opposite problem, so they need to add ‘reset relevant inputs’ or reset group in the workflow.

I suppose you do not have this action in your workflow?

I looked over my Workflow several times looking for that earlier and not a single element has it.

So without seeing your actual setup, I can only speculate here.

Assuming it is not an unintended workflow reset issue, you could try to add a workflow that sets the state of an element, and use that state to be the source of the default option in your dropdown.

So user selects account name. This triggers a workflow that sets the state. The default input is based on the set state.

That sound a bit complex, but I will give it a shot.

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