How to run a workflow when user opens the app

Hi folks,

I’m building an app where a user will have the possibility to create a pincode that -when enabled- they need to enter whenever they access the app. So what I would like to achieve is that a workflow runs prompting to enter the pincode when they open the app. By opening the app I mean when they tap the app on their phone, no matter if the app is already active or not.

How can be this be done? There is no ‘when app is opened’ trigger. At least not that I have found.

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It’s simple bro, use When page is loaded and then add your step ( action )


Thanks for your reply, but I’m afraid your suggestion doesn’t do the trick. When a user goes to the app, the page is not always automatically loaded. For instance when a user goes to another app for a second and then comes back, the page is not automatically reloaded.

I hope your useing BDK plugin as your doing a mobile, i think they have a workflow for it.

I am on mobile will take a look to there workflow and reply you soon.

Hi, yes I’m using the BDK plugin.

There is a plugin from BDK called UX tools that does exactly what I was looking for.

More info here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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