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Running a workflow when app isn't open

is there any way to run a workflow when the app isn’t actively opened? i have a workflow that updates prices every minute, but it only updates when the app is opened.

Yep, that’s what backend workflows are for…

Absolutely. Backend workflows are where the magic happens. What are you trying to do?

this is the way i got the backend setup to loop. how do i trigger this every 60 sec?

This would be a recursive workflow. You can create another action to schedule the same api workflow. Set the “Schedule date” to current date/time +:min 1.

However, this will always run every minute unless you add some condition so that it will not run. Also, you can always cancel the workflow by going to the app’s: Settings, Logs, Show, cancel.

okay i tried it and it seems to work. is there any way i can update a state from the backend?

wait no this didn’t work

like this?

Hey @ammanahmed2004

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away from the computer and have a full schedule coming up this week. I’ll make a short video for maybe we can jump on a quick zoom later this week to help you out.

One way to do this would be to have a trigger that executes/begins the workflow from the front end/UI. I usually create a “utility” page with buttons to begin backend workflows. This is where you could schedule the api to start.

In the BEWF, the first action could be to make a change to a list of things (don’t need to pass individual transactions). Then the second action to reschedule the workflow.

Let me know how that goes. It’s hard to guess the exact case for you through text, usually a quick chat is easier.

works well, thanks!

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