"Page is loaded" for two different cases

Currently I have an app that involves the two following situations:


The first workflow “Page is loaded” is executed correctly. However when the second workflow is also true (“Page is loaded and Search for Users:count > 0”), this one is not executed.

It seems that if you have 2 workflows of the same kind “Page is loaded”, only the first one is executed. If I disable the first, then the seconds one is executed.
How do I make sure both of them work at the same time?

This is not the behavior I see in my apps. Do the workflows contradict themselves? Is the first workflow supposed to happen only if the 2nd one doesn’t evaluate to true? Or is it supposed to happen all the time no matter what?

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Think I have found a source. This was not due to the workflows themselves, but due to privacy rules within the user’s table.
But thanks anyway.

Hey Chris. Looks like this is solved, however, you might consider setting a condition on the first workflow so that when the count IS 0, it executes.

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