How to save multiple choices with checkbox in repeating group?

I’ve created a popup which has multiple skills to choose from. Skills are listed in a repeating group with a checkbox in each cell.

I want to save all the skills as a list inside variable field “skills” of my user.

When processing the workflow, how can I get to filter only the skills from the repeating group that have been checked?

Hi @umiumansa :wave:

This tutorial shows you how to use a custom state to remember a list of selected items:

You can use the same concept here for the feature you’re building.


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So fast! Let me have a look! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @romanmg . I tried it in an interface where I load all skills of the person with the chosen skills to be pre selected. Unfortunately, I am unable to pre-check the checkboxes which are pre selected in the DB. All of them are coming as unchecked.

I basically have a repeating group with each cell being one checkbox corresponding to each skill. For every cell I have put the condition that if its display matches the list of “selected skills” (maintained in custom state of repeating group), then check it, otherwise uncheck it.

Here’s how I have put the conditions, and here’s how it shows up. Do note the text in the end where I display the list of selected skills in a text.

This is how it shows up in the output:

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I have managed to successfully execute your video - thank you!!

I am trying to use this list custom state to filter another repeating group. This to date has failed :frowning: The problem is if I have more than on item in the custom state (list) then i get no response back on my second RG.

When I have one item in the custom state - then success!

When I add a second item to the custom state i fail - instead of adding more items to the list in the RG it brings back nothing.

Does any one know how to filter a RG with a custom state with a list of items in it?

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Hi All,

I manage to sort it with help from this great post:How to set up a search results page

Thank you to everyone who helped by posing such great content.

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Thank you.
I am one of the human beings saved by you.

Awesome solution!