How to save position of repeating group so the user can continue from last position & Optimize RG for mobile

Hi everyone, I have an app primarily for mobile users where the main page is just a bunch of repeating groups that open a full-screen group when a cell is selected.

The issue I’m trying to solve is that the page scrolls back to the beginning and repeating groups scroll back to the start whenever a user closes the full-screen group and returns to the repeating groups.

Is there an easy way to let the user continue where they last left off before they clicked on the repeating group cell to open the full-screen group? If maintaining repeating group position is difficult what about page position?

I also noticed that the cells are not very responsive at times when using mobile devices (I sometimes have to tap a few times for the workflow to get initiated) Does the layer position on where the workflow action is registered impact sensitivity?

For example, the repeating group cell might have Group-1 and a Group-2, layered under the first group so would having the workflow registered in Group-2 be less sensitive in catching taps on the selected cell?

Sorry for the long text:) Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m also curious if you can keep a repeating group at the last position rather than scrolling back after a cell is selected.

Where are you opening this “full screen group”? Because if you are open it inside a popup or inside a floating group, your scroll position will not be affected.

Can you share the link of your site? So we can take a look in this behavior??

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@rpetribu thank you for the feedback. The full screen group is not opened in a popup or floating group but just a regular group. I might try to change it to floating group in that case if it dosen’t have a negative impact in terms of load time…

I’m still struggling with the cells not being super responsive for tablets and mobile (sometimes I have to tap 2-3 times for the workflow to initiate) Does the layer positioning of where the workflow is active impact responsiveness? Meaning,

RG Group

  • Cell Group 1 layer
    • Cell Group 2 layer (workflow is active here)

Still struggling with keeping a horizontal repeating group to stay in the last selected cell position rather than auto scrolling back to the beginning of the repeating group.

Does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this?


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