How to save Stripe Charge ID after creating a subscription using Stripe.js?

I have a workflow that creates a new subscription using Stripe.js. Per the Stripe test mode, the customer charge for the subscription was successful.

I have a button “Job Completed” with a workflow to create a Stripe.js transfer to a seller account. It asks for a Source Transaction which is the Charge ID to link the transfer to the subscription charge so that the transfer will not execute until the funds have settled from the Charge.

How can I save the Charge ID to a thing in a workflow after a new Subscription was created and the customer charged? I can save the subscription ID and Paymentintent ID, but those IDs don’t work for the Source Transaction. I found the Charge ID directly in Stripe and manually entered it as a test and funds were transferred successfully.

Does anyone know how I can save the Charge ID?

I paid for the COPILOT, Platform Payments 2 course, and it states to use the Paymentintent ID, but that doesn’t work and there is no other mention of how to use the Source Transaction in creating stripe.js transfer.

Thank you