How to save user's filtered group and display each individually afterwards?

my current idea of a solution: Say i have a filtered repeating group, now i want the items in that repeating group to be saved in a database called ”users filtered items”, then i want to create a page where they can cycle through each item.

the following is what I’m attempting to do:

You can easily add filtered items of a repeating group to something else. And in the second page, you can also easily swipe between filtered items (which is not filtered items any more, which is in the list you saved them).

See the demo below. I show a list of cards in a repeating group and can filter them by a value. Then, I add these filtered list to the User’s list somewhere. And the repeating group on the right shows user’s items (Which you can do anything from then on):

See the editor here: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor

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Thank you, this is exactly what I’m looking to do. Although I am relatively new to bubble, so i do have leading questions.

  1. how do i add a filtered list of a repeating group to a database?
  2. how do i swipe between the filtered items?

Please check what the button does in the editor:

See this answer for swiping a repeating group element: How can I scroll left and right bit by bit a repeating group using custom states and scroll to? - #2 by hergin

oh you sent a link of the example, thank you so much god bless you.

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