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I have a repeating group that shows users, tasks they were assigned and points awarded for each task completed. Users have multiple tasks assigned to them and therfore appear multiple times in the repeating group.
What I am struggling to achieve is generate a repeating group of users filtered so a User only appears once, but every point awarded in the previous repeating group is totalled up for each user.
I have scoured the internet but cannot find anything that helps or even half works.
Help would be really appreciated.


It seems to be a problem in how the Data structure is built, are you assigning the same task to multiple users? Can you send an edit link or a screenshot of your data tab?

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As @tgmoron said, it is important to know how you data is structured. We can do a RG inside a RG or try to group the results of a single search. But we need to know how your database is structured.

I have had a little bit of a reorder with the app. I have now turned it into a fishing league for myself and my sons to compete against each other when we go fishing, however, the problem I am having remains the same.

This is the link to the page where I am trying to return the total scores per (now fish caught rather than task) by user Page holding the repeating group
I have had a couple of attempts at different data structures to try and get the repeating group to work correctly. When a new fish is added data is saved in both “Fish Caught” and “Session” data sources so I assume it doesnt matter which one is used.


I don’t know if i understood the problem correctly, but i understand you want to filter by Anglers, so for example if you have Angler 1 with 4 fish and Angler 2 with 2 fish, you want to sum each angler’s total points from each fish and have a RG displaying each Angler total.
You can achieve that with Groupings:

So you can group every Angler with the same name and make and Aggregation of each item total points

Result (I changed the last names in the DB to identify them easily)

Hope it helps!

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That is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Thank you so much.




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