How to scroll top top of repeating group with fixed number of rows


I’m using List shifter to handle pagination of repeating group. The pagination works well, but i want to know how to scroll to top after i clicked on “next” or “previous” button.

I tried with bubble workflow “scroll to entry of RG” but it’s not working on RG with fixed number of rows.

If you have any idea

Thanks !

hi @thomas17!

and welcome to the community :slight_smile: did you try to place the RG in a group that takes the full height of the contents and use scroll-to this group?


it worked with my app :woman_shrugging: hope it helps you.

Hello Hanan,
No it’s not working because i have a dashboard with 100vh and only the RG is scrollable…
I need to use “scroll in RG” but not working with fixed numbers of rows.

Thanks for your answer !

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