Scroll to top in Repeating Group with fixed number of rows

Hello ! I just discovered that the action “scroll to an entry in a repeating group” is not possible in a RG with fixed number of rows.

Is there someone who knows some trick to do this ?

Hi @Sarah_Esteve,

It’s not possible, because a RG with a fixed number of rows simply isn’t scrollable, so it doesn’t make sense. When a RG has a fixed number of rows, Bubble evenly distributes the row content within the RG’s available height. The results can be paginated, but not scrolled.

If you can provide more detail on the desired layout and behavior, it would be easier to assist.

Basically, a RG will scroll vertically if all the following apply:

  • it doesn’t have a fixed number of rows
  • its content exceeds its height
  • Fit height to content is unchecked

This means it will also scroll if its height is constrained - i.e. either fixed height or max height is set.

Instead of a fixed number of rows, you could of course limit the results with :items until # to control the number of items displayed at once, and in that case, the RG will scroll if its content exceeds its height.

Anyway, hope it helps.

hey @sudsy thanks for responding

The fact is that I made this RG scrollable, because I needed to set number of rows conditionnaly.

If you used CSS, then that’s a different story. Styling changes are unlikely to affect the built-in behavior of the RG, since Bubble’s internal “logic” will be unaware of such changes. As far as bubble is concerned it has fixed rows and thus won’t scroll.

As I said though, you can also limit the rows via the RG’s Data source by using :items until #. I don’t know if that will work for your use case, but without additional details or context, it’s difficult to make further suggestions.

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