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How to display a list of items in repeating group containing atleast one of the selected "tags" or "keywords"

Hello All,

I need help figuring out how to display/filter a repeating group to show ALL items containing at least one of the selected tags.

Current set-up:
Data Field: Items For Sale
Problem Field: Item For Sale’s “List of Keywords” which is a List of Keywords (not text)
Repeating Group: Data = Do a Search for Items for Sale
Filter1= Contains Dropdown Item for Sales Category
Filter2= Contains Dropdown Item for Sales Owners Name
Filter3(this is what I can’t figure out how to accomplish)= contains at least one of multidropdown selected “tags” option

Basically I’d like to have a data field of “keywords” a seller assigns to their item for sale (up to 10 tags/keywords) and then I want to be able to display all items containing at least one of the selected keywords. Right now, I can only get the repeating group to show Items for Sale that have “All” of the selected “keywords” only. For example, if an item has both the keyword “Wall Art” and “Acrylic” and another item has only the keyword “Acrylic”, when keywords Wall Art and Acrylic are selected, only the first item is appearing because it has both “keywords”

Any advice? I know there are different ways to filter repeating groups but hopefully there is a way to make this work. The multi-dropdown is so clean I hope to be able to make it work but am open to all options.