Sending data to a reusable popup element

I have set up a reusable element, which is a popup.

I want to be able to reuse this popup on numerous pages, but the popup needs to make use of the data on whichever page it is on. It isn’t lots of data, it is just a single text element, but the content of this text element differs from page to page.

Is there a way that I can add a button that triggers the popup to appear AND send the contents of this text field to the popup?

Here is an example of what you are looking to do (ignore the first workflow step, the other 2 are what you are looking for):

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Hi @SerPounce

Thanks for that. Sounds very promising. Added that to my button workflow, but can’t figure out:

  1. How to choose the data I want to send (which is the content of a single multiline input field)
    as it is grayed out
  1. How to receive the data into the popup itself.

Try making the pop up of type text.

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Done that, and it has now allowed me to select that, which answers point 1 above, but how to I receive that data into the reusable pop-up itself @SerPounce

Hope you can shed light on that as I’m almost at the finish line :slight_smile:

If you’ve set up the workflow successfully to send the text then you should be able to access the popup’s text within any element inside the popup.

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That’s what I figured, but it is a reusable element, so I don’t have the ability to edit any of the elements inside the reusable element, as they are already pre-set. Or am I missing something?

(btw, thanks so much for your help with this. I REALLY appreciate it!)

But you can edit the elements inside the RE, no?
Of course, you cannot do this from the page, but you can from the RE. If you need to differentiate element behavior based on the page, then just do so using conditions in the RE’s elements.

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I figured it might help if I put together a little video just showing you what I am trying to do as I’m hopeless at explaining and have been pulling my hair out all day trying to get my head round it.

Thanks again for your awesome help!

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