How to send a Twilio text when bubble app is closed


I need to send my users a message through the Twilio plugin when they are closed out of my bubble app. Right now I am completely lost on how I should set up my workflow or if I even use a workflow?

In my app a user will get matched and when that match happens I need to send them a notification (SMS) indicating they have a match. But it only sends the text when the user is in the app not when they are closed out? So how do I make it run properly even when the user is not in the app?

Any guidance would be great!

Hi @kryptoluna1234

Sounds like the right job for a Backend workflow.

Backend workflows are just like the normal workflows, except they work on the server-side. They run on the server-side of your app so your user doesn’t need to be active before they can get certain actions.


  1. Activate backend workflows from your settings. Go to settings >> API >> Check the box that says Enable Backend workflow and API (not sure of the exact wordings right now. Lol)

  2. When you click on the page name in your bubble editor, you remember it shows a large drop-down of your pages and reusables right? Just at the bottom of it, you’ll find Backend Workflow. Click on it, and set up the workflow.

If you have any follow up question, let me know or we can get on a quick call to iron it out.


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