How to Send an Array Of Texts via API Connector?

How do I send a LIST/array of ‘tag_ids’ as a parameter??



Need help please :slight_smile:

There’s missing information to be able to help you correctly. Can you provide more informations like API Docs and from where your data will come from?
Basically, I will say "Do a search for:join with ",""


It comes from bubble.

I just need to understand how to pass a list of Texts in the body of the api call request.

I assume there is specific formatting for this body?

This all depend of the expected format by API.

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Thanks for the help @Jici

It says ‘Array of Strings’


I just have no idea how to format the array in the body of the request inside of the bubble API connector! :slight_smile:

According to the doc, they are expecting a json.
So remove your parameters. You should have a POST with url set like this:[conversation_id]/tags
And json body

	"tag_ids": ["<tags_ids>"]

and it tags id parameters in WF or Get Data from API you will use :join with ","

don’t foget your header
Content-type: application/json

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Thanks @Jici !

All set up:

But why am i getting a 403 error Forbidden??

First thing is that you didn’t set the header
Content-type with value to application/json
403 may be related to different issue. Do you have set your auth part correctly?

Yeah i have a shared header for that:


All other calls work OK too.

This api will return an error message with error. Did you get it?
It may be because your scopes are not correct or you don’t have access to the ressource your are reuqesting (like the conversations )

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I had a character wrong in the param!

All is good, thanks so much @jici you’re one of the best

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You’re welcome :wink:

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