How to send data from external source to Bubble io?

I would like to:

  1. Input information from an external page (form field)
  2. Click button to send inputted information to Bubble io database

How would I be able to “Create a new thing” by sending information from a form field to my Bubble database. The reason I’d like to do it from an external source is because I’d like to create a Chrome ext on top of my Bubble app. (ie. Be able to upload the contents of a bookmarks folder to the Bubble API)

I read through Data API - Bubble Docs but I’m not too familiar with Javascript.

Is it possible to send data to my Bubble database from an external source?

You can enable Data API in your App settings as described in the docs, or set up an API Endpoint in Backend Workflows. Then on your external site you can use Javascript fetch to post the data to Bubble.