How to send data to page from db related to specific user

Hello there,

i am learning bubble, and I am stuck a little bit.
I have job listing platform. User can create jobs and applies to them.
i want to display list of Applications related to current user’s jobs, but I can’t create this page as I can’t send data to this page

My db
Application table contains Job
Job contains list of applications
Even I created Job fileds to Company
But Bubble requires more things, I can’t understnad what to add

I tried via :filtered but it’s required to add something

Bubble requires to add something more, e.g. I selected “Job = Current User’s Company’s Job”

What way to go?


You don’t need to ‘send’ any data to the page for this…

So remove the content-type from the page, and just load the list of applications for the current User’s jobs on the page.

in applications page I can select data related to current user

Your need to leave the ‘Type of content’ of the page empty.

Then just search for the applications in your RG (or wherever you’re loading them).

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I did so and I did not get info related to Application, eg resume

Thank you I fixed it, I change Application to Jobs, but I don’t see the list of all jobs created by this user

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