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How to Send Email to Participants Ahead of Event - Schedule Workflow on List

Hi I am trying to figure out how to schedule a workflow on a list for a list of participants when the list of participants is changing after the workflow is scheduled.

Currently, I have a user who creates an event and when they schedule the event they set an event time and a workflow is scheduled to email participants 24 hours before the event time. The problem is attendees will confirm or deny their attendance after the workflow has been scheduled. Does anyone know how to solve this? Does the scheduled workflow look for changing conditions up until the time of the event?

Thanks in advance for any help.

hi, I am looking for the same. Did you get any answers?

Ya it ended up being really easy. You just schedule a workflow to run another workflow. So essentially the first workflow you schedule will run another workflow when its actually ran. That other workflow then grabs the list of users at the time it is ran.

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You could also put a condition on the email action workflow like : only when this events participants list contains this user. Regarding how you data is structured you should find a way to put the right condition.

Hey Zach, I am trying to do something similar to this on my app. Can you explain how you scheduled the workflow to email a list of people separately?

I needed to schedule a work flow that emailed a list of participants where the list would change after the initial workflow had been scheduled. So I created 2 workflows. Workflow A would trigger getting a the current list of participants’s user accounts/email addresses from the database and send them an email/sms/push notification. Workflow B’s only job was to “trigger workflow A”. I would then schedule workflow B to run when a user created an event. Workflow B would then trigger workflow A at the appropriate time and workflow A would grab the list of participants at the time it was triggered, instead of the time it was scheduled.

Okay, I am having a little trouble figuring out how to grab the list of Users and their email addresses and then sending them an email. Would you be able to expand on that part?
I am currently scheduling a workflow on a list. The list it is running on is a search for Users that meet a certain constraint I want. But now I can’t figure out how to set it up after that. The backend api workflow where it sends the email is the part that is confusing me the most.

It sounds like your search may be returning Users instead of User’s emails. You need to set up your data field so it is a list of text, and the text in that list being email addresses and not Users.

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