Sending email using users' domain

Hi all,

A user has asked if we can support custom domain email sending on their behalf using their domain, either with SMTP (or a better option if possible).

Any idea how to achieve this or if it can be done with the sendGrid API?


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I made an app for a team of four and I use Integromat to send emails via their Gmail accounts. This is not scalable but it works for a small team.


Thanks a lot!

I’d consider Postmark. You can add domains and verify them over API.


Postmark is a good suggestion but it’s transactional email only… I’m on the lookout for this which also includes marketing emails as well.

Any suggestions would be great fully received :slight_smile:

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Check out Amazon SES.


Postmark is great for non techie people as doesn’t need them to set up DNS stuff (that’s why we use it for sendpilot) the auth is via email.

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Old topic, but couldn’t find any other on this topic.

Would like to know if something changed since then.

@NigelG do you still recommend postmark?

I was planning to use Amazon SES, the price is unbeatable
@dan8 have you achieved this?

Yes. It is very good.

The ability to do tables easily is great.

As well as the abilty to send emails from a single user’s email using just a confirmation email from them, rather than them needing to set up DNS records.

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Good to know @NigelG !

This type of convenience will be necessary. I’ll definitely take a look

Thank you!

I’m using Amazon SES to. Launch process may look little complicated but you should easly find tutorial how to do this. In my opinion when you want to extend sending limits (something like subbmit your account, email, and use-cases) generalny you must to convince they that you know how to deal with e-mail bounces and user conplains.

Afrer this we got 50,000 emials per month and I asked for just 1000 :joy: