How to send json object from a query(parameterized) to postgreSQL

I am currently working on a project within the Bubble, as of now I want the my user details(let say data coming from a form) to be saved in a postgreSQL , so instead of creating multiple fields in the table , I want to convert the user details into json type and save it to a table with single field of type json residing in postgreSQL.

As of now all the connections have been made and CRUD operations are working fine , but unable to send the json type object from the bubble when it is parameterized.

The below query is working fine(without any parameters) , and is able to save the json object in the field of type json in postgresQL.

But in below query, I am sending only 1 parameter of type json , and this parameter holds user details , issue is , can’t find json type from the dropdown (Type) also getting this error " **SQL Database Connector issue: invalid input syntax for type json" ,**for your information , I have tried all possible combination of quotes , {} , , @id , $ , bubble forums , chatGPT etc but none worked.


In The below table I want to send the json data , again the first query successfully performs the desired task , but in the 2nd query facing issues to send json object.


I would like to inquire if there are any specific requirements or configurations that need to be set up in order to access the JSON object type. Additionally, if there are any known limitations or considerations when utilizing this data type. Any possible solution / suggestion is welcomed.