How to send notification to chat user

Hi there,

I have been creating the messaging app. Going good I guess. But I run in to this problem that when I

The problem when 2 users are in the same chat page:

User X (currently logged in user) sends a message to User Y. It sends the notification to the same logged in user (User X) which is the current user. (not good)

When User Y is logged in and send a message to User X. It send the notification to user Y… which is the same user that has send the message.

So when Debbie send a message to Zairo > Debbie receives notification ´Debbie has sent you a message´… This notification has to go to Zairo. … Zairo doesn’t receive any notification… when Debbie send a message.

But when Zairo send a message to Debbie… > Debbie receives the notification… ´Zairo has sent you a message´This is correct

Can anyone help me?

I think this is your issue. The Chat Creator gets the noti instead of any real recipient.

Ah oke so how can I solve this?

Try using Result of step 1’s Recipient

Did now current situation: When Debbie sent message to Zairo > Notification is send to Debbie still
Zairo sent message to Debbie > Notification is send to Zairo

so they are still sending notifications to theirselves

I solved this one on my own! Im very happy! Here are some images if someone else heads in to this problem!

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