Need help database

hello bubblers, i have created a notification system for my app so when a user makes a post all users are notified, however i only want to send the notification to specific users i.e the one who are following the user who posted. whats the best way to do this?

many thanks

make changes to a list of users (do a search for users= following contains, whatever post’s user)
notifications: add result from step 4

@anon65040322 im still missing something, i think im failing to define my notification recipient
if you dont mind checking my test app here it is

many thanks

hi, youre nearly there,
click ‘+change another field’
then add notification: result of step 4

@anon65040322 THANKS its working but still everyone can view the notification including the post creator and how can it resert the notifications number once clicked on ?

im not sure what you mean exactly by resetting

But you could simply remove it from whatever users list, similar to how you add it.

Or have a field type: read/seen/opened/whatever that is yes/no value. Once its opened you change it to yes.

ok , how do i make only the followers to see the notification ?