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Sending & Receiving text message into bubble

I’m looking to integrate sending and receiving text messages from and to a webapp built using bubble (happy to use via twilio through zapier or blockspring).
I’m not a coder but can certainly learn quickly by example. Would highly appreciate if someone could share a demo / snapshots / working bubble editor page of how this can be achieved using bubble !

Sending something via Zapier > Twilio is simple.

For receiving … the bubble side is easy.

Enable API for both in and out.

Create an Endpoint API.


In Zapier you need to go to the developer area (which is a bit techie, but doable), and set up a new Action for bubble (I will get to making my Bubble action public at some point, but it needs some work to make it universal).

Authorization needs to be set like this …

You need a test trigger (so before you can SEND something to Bubble workflow, Zapier wants to READ something to make sure it is all working). It just needs something that is always there, so we can use a GEt on USER.

Then define some data to send and point to your Workflow API.


So the Zapier end is confusing… Can you post step-by-step if possible…

Yes, it isn’t always clear. Will draft up something more comprehensive. And look to get a sharable Zapier action built as well.

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Hi! I’m also looking to do something like this. Any chance you’ve drafted up something?

I’ve built the module; will share sometime soon as a widget or something :slight_smile:


Can you please share the steps you took? I really need help on this and am working on an app idea now. :slight_smile:

Lol that’s a message from years ago so not sure I recall exactly but I think there must be several twilio plugins which do this now :slight_smile: