How to set a 7 day trial?

I’ve tried but not sure how to add a 7-day trial. I want to redirect the user to a certain page when his trial period of 7 days is over.

I’ve tried When Current User’s Creation date+days 7 but it doesn’t accept this.

Hey @nocodeventure,
You can use Current date + trial period (7).:

Then you can add a condition logged in user and check trial end with current date:

PS: If you plan to create a monthly renewing plan, then just after the payment +add days on the End-Date. (If you need a lifetime plan after the trial you can just add +999 years on the end-date) :slight_smile:



Updating the trial didn’t work well but I’ve found a workaround for now.

Thanks this worked!

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There’s a lot of workarounds to do that, just said one of them. Another one is creating a yes/no field in user like Purchased? Yes/No.

And add in the checking condition Current User End-Date < Current date/time AND Current User Purchased is No.

I’m glad that you find your workaround :+1:

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I’ve done exactly that.