How to set a list of default data entries when a new data type gets created

Hi. A Bubble newbie here.

My app allows for multiple individual communities on this same platform. When a new community gets created, it needs to come with X amount of set ‘channels’ in the menu bar for each individual community. These set (/default) channels are the same for every community. How do I create these default data entries for this list? Once one of these individual channels in the menu of a community is clicked, it needs to filter all the posts and show the posts that are tagged with that channel name (and only the post that are in that community of course). I succeeded in making sure that filter works once those set channels are added, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get this list of set/default channels to automatically be added to every community upon the creation of the community.

Who might know a solution to this?

Thanks a lot in advance.