How to Set Date/Time Picker to Saturday of the Current Week?

I am trying to create a timesheet that has a 2 week spread, with the week starting on Saturday. Using the date/time picker, how would I set the initial content to Saturday of the current week?

Hey @calicass83,

How about something like this?

Get the Toolbox plugin (free) and add an Expression element to the page. You can use this to calculate the number of days to add to the current date since we can’t do it directly in the initial content field of the date picker. Then, just modify the current date by adding that result.

6 (The extract day that represents Saturday) minus the current day’s extract:

Then just add that result in days to the current date and use in date picker:

It appears to work in my quick test, but this has by no means been thoroughly tested!


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Ken Truesdale

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This could work! What would that look like if it referenced the last Saturday, instead of the upcoming one?

Subtract 7 days. :slight_smile:


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You. Are. Freakin’. Awesome. THANK YOU!!

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